20 Best Travel Accessories for Women Under $20

The big summer travel season is nearly here and I’ve been busy rounding up the very best travel accessories for women whether your plans involve travel by plane, by car, by train or by ship. Even better, all of these finds are under $20.

1. Mini Travel Garment Steamer

I do not like to iron, but I also don’t like to be wrinkled, so this mini travel garment steamer is kind of a must-have for me.

It heats up quickly and it’s compact and easy to store in my luggage. It’s also good for de-wrinkling home items, like curtains, but I’ll just stick to travel use. Check the latest price now.

2. Evian Facial Spray

My mom gave me a bottle of Evian Facial Spray on my first trip to Paris in high school and I’ve been using it on overseas flights ever since. I love how it makes me feel refreshed.

There’s nothing a like being trapped in economy for eight hours to make you feel in serious need of rehydration. A quick mist on your face is all you need. Check the latest price now.

3. Foldable Ballet Flats

I can’t travel without my foldable ballet flats. They’re super comfortable, they match with everything and they make it breeze to get through airport security.

Since these flats come with a carrying pouch, I often throw them into my purse if I’m wearing heels because really, I can only wear heels for so long. Check the latest price now.

4. Airport-Friendly No-Tie Shoelaces

Breeze through airport security with no-tie shoelaces. I’ve long seen Lock Laces marketed to triathletes, but they’re a perfect fit for the airport security line too.

It’s easy to switch out the standard laces on your sneakers with elastic no-tie laces to make them slip-on shoes. Everyone in line behind you will thank you. Check the latest price now.

5. Portable Speaker

There will be times when you’re traveling (or even just making dinner at home) and are eager for more than the tinny sound emanating from your iPad or iPhone.

Enter the portable mini speaker system from AYL. It’s small (mini), rechargeable, compatible with all audio players, and the sound quality is fantastic. Check the latest price now.

6. Travel Door Alarm

For peace of mind when you travel, the portable door alarm from Doberman Security is a real find. Hang the travel alarm over the doorknob and insert the clip between the door and doorjamb.

If the door opens, the alarm will sound. It’s as simple as that. As a bonus, it even has a flashlight. Check the latest price now.

7. Rollaboard Bag Stacker

It’s not easy to roll more than one rollaboard suitcase through the airport, but the multi-bag stacker from Travelon definitely makes it much easier.

The bag stacker is especially useful for moms with kids who aren’t quite ready (or interested) in pulling their own bags. Pull up to four suitcases at once. Check the latest price now.

8. Hanging Luggage Scale

There’s nothing worse than finding out your luggage weighs more than the max allowed by the airline. Pay the overweight baggage fees or step out of line to reallocate your belongings.

That’s where the hanging luggage scale comes in to play. It’s ideal for those coming home with loads of souvenirs. Check the latest price now.

9. Multi-Purpose Travel Passport Wallet

Everything has its place inside this travel passport wallet from Zoppen, making it easy to access your travel documents, a real plus when you’re in the security and customs lines.

No need to dig around for your passport, credit cards, boarding passes and phone. It’s all right there. As a bonus, this passport wallet comes in nearly 20 colors. Check the latest price now.

10. Waterproof Hanging Travel Organizer

There is never enough room on the hotel bathroom counter for all my toiletries. Not that I travel with a lot, but I would like room for more than my toothbrush and toothpaste.

Enter the hanging travel organizer from Mr. Pro. It’s easy to transport in your luggage and has lots of pockets, as well as a hook to hang from a shower rod. Check the latest price now.

11. Travel Packing Cubes (+ Bonus Laundry Pouches)

Travel packing cubes are a great way to organize your clothes in your suitcase, as well as separate your work out gear from your dress-up clothes from your unmentionables.

As a bonus, this six-piece set comes with laundry pouches perfect for keeping dirty clothes separate from clean clothes in your luggage. Check the latest price now.

12. TSA-Approved Clear Toiletry Bag

I still don’t understand how you’re supposed to fit all your toiletries into a quart-size storage bag, but at least this TSA-approved toiletry bag is more durable than a Ziploc bag.

The zipper closure makes it easy to pack as much as you can. Even better, the “Carry-On Approved” sticker will keep TSA from telling you your bag is too big. Check the latest price now.

13. Luggage Strap Jacket Gripper

Who hasn’t had a jacket or travel pillow slip off their suitcase onto the concourse, never to be seen or heard from again. This luggage strap jacket gripper seeks to solve this problem.

Clip the gripper onto your suitcase and tighten it around your jacket. It’s perfect when holding multiple items and want to reach the gate with all of them. Check the latest price now.

14. Portable Folding Clothes Hangers

I’ll admit that I do like to hang up my clothes when I first arrive at a hotel if I’m staying more than a few nights. And as a general rule, I do need more than three hangers.

Fortunately, portable folding clothes hangers have come to the rescue. They’re very lightweight and super compact, making them easy to throw into my bag. Check the latest price now.

15. Luggage Drink Holder

I almost always stop for coffee on the way to my gate, putting myself in the precarious position of juggling a rollaboard, a laptop bag, my coffee and usually several other items.

Let’s take one of those items out of the equation. The luggage drink holder clips to the handle of your rollaboard suitcase, enabling you to get to the gate spill-free. Check the latest price now.

16. Mini Power Bank

I also can’t travel without a portable power bank, especially when I’m out and about, taking lots of pictures and sharing them on social media. Both are such power drains on my iPhone.

When fully juiced, this power bank can quickly give a full charge to an iPhone 6 and close to a full charge to a Galaxy S6. Check the latest price now.

17. Solar Charger

A power bank is great, but if you’ll be out hiking or camping for several days, a solar charger is great to have on hand, but consider it more of a back-up to a power bank or outlet charger.

This solar charger is compact too, small enough to put in your pocket. Let it charge in the sun during the day, then use it to re-fuel your phone at night. Check the latest price now.

18. Travel Tripod Stand

There have been loads of times when I struggled to get the right angle or could have used a mini tripod to set up a photo with my iPhone. The GripTight GorillaPod Stand to the rescue.

This travel stand has flexible legs, making it easy to use as a tripod or a selfie stick. It’s also perfect when you need a tripod but don’t have a flat surface. Check the latest price now.

19. Facial Moisturizer

Before any overnight flight, I apply a facial moisturizer. The airline cabin can be so drying. I feel more hydrated on landing when I apply a moisturizer before I go to sleep (just like at home).

One to try is the retinol cream from Baebody Beauty. It can be used as a day or night cream and may even help you look brighter as you exit the plane. Check the latest prices now.

20. Cruise Luggage Tags

No need to rely on the paper luggage tags you get from the cruise lines as they whisk your luggage away (hopefully to arrive in your state room at some point). Instead, go heavy duty.

These cruise luggage tags have zip-top enclosures to protect your tags from rain. They’re also great for those traveling major lines, like Carnival and Princess. Check the latest prices now.

What did I miss? Let me know what you consider to be some of the best travel accessories for women.

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