Beach Vacation Packing List: 10 Essential Items You Didn’t Think to Bring

It’s nearly time to head for the shore, so the time is now to start putting together your beach vacation packing list. Of course, you’ll have the basics on your beach packing list, like sunblock, beach towels and bathing suits, but then there are the items you’re likely to forget.

This happens to me every summer. I try to remember it all, but I always end up having to pick up what I’ve forgotten at the shops on the beach. Usually I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for and I end up paying more. Boo.

Beach Vacation Packing List

So, here you go. Here are the 10 things you need to add to your beach trip packing list. Have fun at the beach, and don’t forget to apply (and re-apply) your sunscreen.

1. Sand Free Beach Blanket

There’s nothing worse than splashing in the ocean only to return to a sandy beach towel or blanket. Yuck. So a sand free beach blanket is definitely a best beach blanket.

Look for an oversized outdoor blanket that you can anchor in place and fits more than one family member. A sand proof beach blanket should be durable too. Check the latest price now.

2. Beach Tote Bag

For any trip to the shore, you’ll need a beach tote bag, preferably a dual-purpose waterproof beach bag, like this one that has a zip-to-open insulated cooler bag at the bottom.

This large beach tote bag will fit all your most important gear, like sunscreen, beach towels, snacks and beach reads. A beach bag with zip top is a help too. Check the latest price now.

3. Insulated Cooler Bag

If you plan to bring along more than a few soda cans and juice boxes, then soft sided coolers are a must. This insulated cooler bag holds up to 30 soda cans and plenty of sandwiches.

Look for a portable cooler bag with an adjustable shoulder strap, which makes it comfy to carry to the beach. This soft cooler bag is good for picnics too. Check the latest price now.

4. Beach Games

Do not forget to bring beach games, especially if you have kids. I always bring games to play at the beach, like this OgoDisk Set. They’re large, but lightweight, and so much fun.

I like beach games for families that don’t bore the kids too quickly. Another favorite of mine is Corn Hole for the Beach. Such fun beach activities. Check the latest prices now.

5. Foldable Beach Cart

If you’ve got a lot of beach gear or you know it will be a bit of a walk to your spot on the beach, invest in a foldable beach cart. An all-terrain beach caddy that fits all your gear is a plus.

Look for a folding beach cart with wide wheels, making it easy to pull in the sand. One that’s easy even for the kids to drag to and from the beach is best. Check the latest price now.

6. Beach Towel Clips

Breezy days at the beach are no match for these colorful beach towel clips, which hold beach towels in place. Attach to your beach lounger or use them to weigh the edges of your towels.

These beach towel clips will keep your towels from blowing away, which is a plus when trying to save your beach lounge chair or spot on the beach. Check the latest price now.

7. Sun Shade Tent

A good sun shade tent is ideal when you have kids and want a bit of shade from the sun. A portable sun shade is also perfect for little ones in need of a mid-afternoon nap.

This pop up beach tent is durable, lightweight, and best of all, compact so it’s easy to carry to and from the beach. Or, just toss it in your folding beach cart. Check the latest price now.

8. Waterproof Phone Case

If you’re planning to spend most of your time right by the water, then a waterproof phone case is a must so you don’t miss any photos while splashing around in the waves.

You can take great photos while your smartphone is locked in a waterproof pouch. This waterproof phone bag is also great for trips to the waterpark. Check the latest price now.

9. Water Shoes

Not every beach is a super-soft sandy beach, so water shoes are a must. Kids water shoes, in particular, are great when walking along shell-filled beaches. No more ouchies.

The best water shoes for women are durable, lightweight and allow your feet to breathe. This applies to men’s and kids water shoes too. Check the latest price now.

10. Reclining Beach Chair

I get tired of using my elbows as a recliner on the beach, so I like a good reclining beach chair. This beach lounger is compact and a nice alternative to other lightweight beach chairs.

As a bonus, this beach lounge chair folds up and you can carry it like a backpack off the beach. Plus, it has a zipper pocket to tuck in your phone and keys. Check the latest price now.

So, tell me, what’s on your beach trip packing list? I’d love to hear your picks for what to bring to the beach.

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