Yes, You Can Sleep on a Plane. Here’s How.

There are loads of long-haul and red-eye flight tips out there designed to help you sleep on a plane, like taking a pass on a late-night coffee run and being smart about your seat on the plane.

At the end of the day, however, we’re all just looking for that one product that will help us fall asleep on a plane, whether it’s wireless noise cancelling earbuds, a neck support pillow or a travel eye mask.

We all just want to sleep. On a plane. That’s it. Nothing more.

So let’s go. Here are the very best products out there to help you fall asleep on your next red-eye or long-haul flight. Good luck and sweet dreams.

1. Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds

It’s not easy to get a good night’s rest on an overnight flight, but it’s certainly easier when you can block out noises around you, thanks to noise cancelling earbuds for sleeping from Bose.

Go wireless to avoid getting tangled up in the wires, potentially waking you once you do get to sleep. A headphone version is also available from Bose. Check the latest price now.

2. Travel Sleep Mask

The flight attendants may dim the lights in the cabin, but it’s still never quite as dark as you’d prefer it for truly restful sleep. A travel eye mask to cover your eyes is a must-have.

An eye cover for sleeping should not put pressure on your eyes or allow light in around your nose. An adjustable travel sleep mask like this one from Kfine is a plus. Check the latest price now.

3. Across-the-Body Inflatable Travel Pillow

I bought this inflatable travel pillow for myself and my girls when we flew to Europe. Having a pillow atop the shoulder made a big difference when I was not able to sit in the window seat.

Simply inflate the travel pillow from Travelrest and put it over your head like a messenger bag. It’s very easy to inflate, then deflate and store on landing. Check the latest price now.

4. Anti-Bobble Travel Pillow

I am that traveler whose head constantly bobs around when I’m trying to fall asleep on the plane, so there’s much to love about this neck pillow for travel that you can attach to your seat.

An elastic strap attaches to the top of your seat, helping to keep your head in place when you sleep. As a bonus, this travel pillow comes with a sleep mask. Check the latest price now.

5. Lavender Mist

Yes, a facial spray can help you to feel more refreshed when you land, but this lavender hydrating mist can also help you fall asleep once in the air. Another option is a lavender lotion.

Once the cabin lights dim, spray some on your travel pillow or on your collar close to your nose to benefit from lavender’s calming properties. Check the latest price now.

6. Super Soft Neck Support Pillow

More than a pillow you rest your head on (and hope it will stay in place), this super soft travel pillow for neck support looks more like a fleece neck gaiter you’d wear on the ski slopes.

Simply wrap this neck pillow for sleeping with the neck support on the side you prefer to keep your neck in an ergonomic position while you get some zzz’s. Check the latest price now.

7. Memory Foam Travel Pillow

This memory foam travel pillow provides fantastic neck support thanks to the memory foam design. The neck support pillow for travel is firm, of course, but then adjusts to meet your support needs.

As a bonus, this memory foam neck pillow comes with earplugs and eyeshades for sleeping, helping to further your quest for rest on a plane. Check the latest price now.

8. Poncho-Style Travel Blanket

I’m kind of in love with this ultra-plush travel blanket. Not only is it super soft (no scratchy airplane blanket), but you slip it over your head so it doesn’t fall off or slip down while you sleep.

Available in two colors, navy and grey, and two sizes, this travel blanket is a must-buy for a long-haul flight. As a bonus, the carrying case is built-in to the blanket. Check the latest price now.

9. Inflatable Lap Pillow

A travel neck pillow for sleeping is just not for everyone. Sometimes you really just want to lean forward to get some shut-eye, so the inflatable lap pillow from SmartTravel is worth a look.

Inflate the pillow, put it on your lap and rest your head on the top of the pillow. Pockets give you a place to put your hands. It’s easy to deflate and carry. Check the latest price now.

10. Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

This travel pillow may look like a snake is wrapping itself around your neck, but you’ll love the chin support this pillow provides, helping to keep your head from falling forward.

More compact than a neck support pillow for travel, this travel pillow is also great for long car and train rides when your only choice is to sleep upright in your seat. Check the latest price now.

What helps you fall asleep on a plane? I’d love to hear your best red-eye flight tips when it comes to catching some serious shut-eye.

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